Does a Flower Ask for Permission to Bloom?

Does the sun ask for permission to come up in the morning?

Michelle Okafor
2 min readSep 25, 2020
Picture by yours truly

Summer is coming and I am delighted to see my roses blooming again. I see fresh buds all around and it is quite magnificent to watch.

I was inspired this afternoon to post this tweet. Does a flower ask for permission to bloom?

Why then, do we women, who are so much more intelligent with a functioning brain, need confirmation from someone else on whether we look good today. On what to wear. How to dress. Somewhere in our past, we developed terrible self-consciousness about our looks. It just can’t be shaken off. It takes years.

I have first-hand experience. I had the pearest shape of all since about the age of 13. The model look-a-likes didn’t have a pear shape. They were a size 8 all round. It was something to aspire to, yet never attained.

If no-one told you before. You are beautiful just the way you are. Start believing it. There is no-one quite like you. Herein lies true beauty. To envelope and own yourself just the way you are is true beauty.

There is nothing to aspire to.

There is nothing to attain.

It is. It always was. Own it.

The true you.

We have all come to realise just how short life is.

The real beauty is good health, a good body weight, a positive body image and a beautiful smile. You have all that within your reach already.

Once you believe this for yourself, you are going to move differently. Your posture is going to change. The way you carry yourself. People are going to notice. It’s going to be good.

A flower doesn’t ask, is it ok to bloom today?Do you like my colour? Do you like my fragrance? I’m here. This is me. Take it or leave it.

Let’s take the first step together. Today. A rose just for you beautiful lady!

Picture by yours truly



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