It’s Your Turn To Do Good

What are you waiting for?

Michelle Okafor
4 min readOct 22, 2022
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As we’re nearing the end of yet another year, I guess the thought in our heads like so many others, what have I achieved this year? When the answer is not glaringly obvious, the next thing is to feel a sense of anxiety that you’ve wasted this year and your life for that matter. It’s a hard pill to swallow when every day you are just trying to survive the day and the weeks.

So many young people feel so much anxiety about not having everything figured out at 22 because you have the 22-year-old millionaire who made it and rubs it in all our faces. The real anxiety starts when the 42-year-old feels the same way. It is only in the many counselling sessions that you can let it all out and the psychologist sits very still and says almost nothing during the whole time, but it seems like it is the only time when you leave a conversation feeling that all the wheels are not coming off at the same time. It’s hard. That’s a fact. Life is hard.

At the same time, now more than ever before we have so many opportunities to choose a path and accomplish excellence in the areas of family life, career, wealth, health and happiness. We have insights into what works. Maybe all our paths are not linear and straightforward, but if we stick with them long enough, we will eventually get there. The key is to put in the work. Nothing comes easy. Nothing.

My friend who is 36 moaned that this weekend she is yet again a bridesmaid, not yet the bride. She is also in training to become an advocate. The two generally don’t mix. If you don’t have time to go on dates and meet people, you won’t have anyone to spend weekends with. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

Another friend decided to quit a toxic job because it was interfering with his marriage, he has been married for 6 months. We are ultimately our choices. That’s why regular meditation and introspection are so important. Take stock of where you are at this moment. Is this where you would like to be? Are you anywhere near there?

Then the question, what have you done for someone else today? Kindness is its own reward. As I drove to the shop this morning and was waiting to turn into an intersection, I felt a nudge from behind and a loud bang. It took me a few seconds to register that someone just bashed into my rear. I drove a bit further out of the way of the traffic and stopped. The driver of the other car got out and walked over to me.

I was still sitting in the driver’s seat and rolled down the window. He seemed very anxious and said he was so sorry, that he wasn’t looking. I asked him, is it bad? He was looking at me confused. Why was I not screaming and shouting at him like most people do when they get rear-ended? He said no, he didn’t think so.

I got out and we both went to have a look. It was barely a noticeable dent and just a few scratches. I sighed in relief. My car was about 15 years old already and it had its fair share of scratches and dents over the years. It was nothing that couldn’t be fixed and I can still drive the car. It could have been worse. I waved him goodbye with a big smile because I saw 2 big-eyed boys in the back of his car who looked very worried for their father. The other driver thanked me for being so pleasant about it.

Wouldn’t I want a pleasant driver if our roles were reversed? By all means. Every day let’s do what we can with what we have. Let’s start making a difference in our circles. Opportunities for doing good will come up from time to time, it’s what we make of them that counts. Sometimes all you have is a few seconds to decide your next move, whether kind or unkind.

The other person may not even notice it. But you will know, especially when you’ve just passed up the opportunity to do good. Let’s start our day with this one thought. How can I do good today?



Michelle Okafor

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