Only Worry About The Things Within Your Control

The alternative is quite devastating (if you haven’t noticed).

Michelle Okafor
3 min readDec 30, 2020
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

As we draw the curtain on 2020, we all mull over what was, what could have been and how we could have or wished things were different. Of course, the history books are written. Seeing and accepting things as they are, accepting the reality of what is right now, is the only way to stay sane and not drink yourself into a stupor on New Year’s eve!

On Monday night, our government introduced a 2-week alcohol ban, with immediate effect, which meant on Tuesday morning you would have found the liquor stores closed. A curfew was introduced from 21h00 to 06h00 in the morning. Restaurants cannot serve any alcohol and need to close by 20h00.

All of this to try and curb and slow down the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic that has taken our shores by storm. We have just surpassed 1 million coronavirus cases. Most of our beaches are closed. Essentially the fun was taken out of the holidays.

Well, what did we expect?

Of course, the people were mocking the government for their stupid rules! It may sound stupid, they are probably fumbling in the dark as well. They’ve had consultations upon consultations. Just like the first wave when we faced one of the hardest lockdowns around the world. They had researchers and modelers spell out the worst. Who could blame them? They have not faced this monster before. None of us have. Of course, taking a stance and making the hard calls were better than no calls at all. Even if in hindsight, maybe some of these decisions were not the best. If you have a better idea, tell us. But not with your benefit of hindsight.

Instead of spending all your time debating the government’s stupid rules, tend to your herb garden, clean your swimming pool, try out your new spit braai.

A new year is coming.

What will 2021 be like? If you know, please tell me. Will it be worse? It probably will. And so on. And so forth. We just cannot let it be. Let it unfold when the time comes. Get ready for it. Get ready for a better year. By building your good habits and practices (not intentions or new year’s resolutions). Proper solid plans and goals. Write them down. Refine them.

Do more of what worked. Discard what didn’t

Stop talking so much. Start doing. Silently.

Let your results speak for you. You are not in competition with anyone. Only with yourself. Life is too short to take on other people’s burdens. The burdens of all of society. You won’t even get a thank you. People are too busy running their own races. Some of them very loudly. Their minds are made up. No need to add more clutter to theirs and your own.

We expend so much energy worrying about things that we cannot control, that we cannot change, that fall on deaf ears. Please save yourself the heartache and tend to your herb garden.



Michelle Okafor

Writer of short, inspirational pieces. Make the most of your time here, for we pass this way only once. See the good in yourself and others.