Why are you here?

Well, I don’t know…did I have a choice in the matter? You might ask.

Michelle Okafor
3 min readApr 28, 2023

Most of us reading this would have matured in some way or another so that we can sufficiently take care of ourselves, in the least possible way. By looking after ourselves, feeding and bathing. We may even know how to earn an income and not be dependent on anyone else.

That is great news. Beyond all of that, have you ever wondered why you are here? Is there anything in particular that you have established that is set out in your path, that only you can do? These are not easy questions. Easier to avoid, right?

One day, when everything is said and done, I mean everything else, you may have some time by yourself to just think. It’s a great way to find a quiet place from time to time and just ponder our existence. You may be surprised at what you might find.

The unexamined life is not worth living. That’s right, that’s what they say. Start by becoming fully present in the moment. We only have one life. We only have this moment. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. Only today. Don’t waste it by thinking about the past. By comparing today with yesterday, we are robbing today of all the possibilities of what may be.

It is a wonderful way to be continuously hopeful and forever excited about what the next moment may bring. If you are making plans to go out for dinner, with your partner maybe. You have made reservations at the same restaurant that you often go to. You already have an idea of what to expect. Why don’t you just forget about everything you think will happen and once the time comes be so present in the moment that everything is a new experience, the music, the food, the way he looks at you.

Enjoy every moment, for we pass this way only once. We don’t know how many evenings like these we may have together. Everything in the future is uncertain. Things change, yet, it is only in the present moment that we can effect change. If you wish things were different, start by imagining a new reality and then start living it. Start passionately inviting everything that’s missing. You have a right, just like everyone else, to all the goodness this life has to offer.

We all came into this world the same way. Our circumstances may be different, but no-one can deny your existence, no-one can decide how much or how little you are entitled to. If there is any resistance to this thought, it usually is self-imposed. We compare ourselves to others and we fall short, by our own measure. That is wrong. You are entitled to success and abundance, just like everyone else. Stop playing small.

Decide what you want from life and start actively pursuing your dreams. If you can think it, you can achieve it. There is nothing new in this world. Everything has been done before. A winning mindset succeeds. Failure is not an option. You can achieve great things. All you have to do is start.

Good luck with your journey.





Michelle Okafor

Writer of short, inspirational pieces. Make the most of your time here, for we pass this way only once. See the good in yourself and others.